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    WhiteHorse Capital is the credit affiliate of H.I.G. Capital. WhiteHorse provides debt financing to middle market companies in the U.S. and Europe. WhiteHorse has a broad investment mandate and provides senior and subordinated debt for refinancings, growth capital, acquisitions, buyou鸿运彩票新版ts, and balance sheet recapitalizations.

    Direct Lending

    We bring capital, expertise, and creativity to successfully complete complex transactions. WhiteHorse professionals have extensive experience and a proven track record of providing creative financing structures and employing a long term relationship oriented portfolio management philosophy. With a large team of dedicated investment professionals across the U.S. and Europe, WhiteHorse can quickly mobilize its resources to respond to time-sensitive situations. Moreover, due to our extensive portfolio of existing investments, WhiteHorse has expertise across a broad range of industries, including business services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food/agriculture, and specialty finance.

    Download WhiteHorse Capital Brochure

    Transaction Structure

    • Asset backed loans, including revolving credit facilities and mortgages
    • First or second lien loans
    • Uni-tranche loans
    • Mezzanine loans
    • Bridge loans
    • Preferred stock

    Transaction Types

    • Refinancing of existing credit facilities
    • Acquisition financing
    • Working capital to support growth or realignment
    • Control private equity investments
    • Buyou鸿运彩票新版t of existing lenders or shareholders
    • Approaching maturity / covenant step-down

    Benefits of Working with WhiteHorse


    Investment in all levels of the capital structure.

    Speed to Close

    Ability to address complex situations within short time frames and close transactions quickly.


    Broad experience in industry sectors and financing structures.

    Committed Capital

    Lend-and-hold strategy allows us to support and grow with a company over time.


    Investment committee process engineered to avoid any late surprises.

    Certainty of Closing

    No external or third-party approvals required.